Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday my dearest daughter Sam

My daughter's growing up so fast
eight full years have now past.
From infant it's quite the contrast
I wish those days could always last.

Letting her grow up, is so hard
I hold her in highest regard.
The works she's written avant-garde
my daughter is a brilliant bard.

Her writing started very young
words seemed to roll right off her tongue.
Some of her works are lyrics sung
it's the elite that she's among.

I hope my words aren't too cliche
and now without further delay.
The wishes that I now convey
I say Sam, Happy Birthday.


sniper_niko said...

Wow! Happy birthday Sam!

Happy Father's day din sa'yo!!


Ganda ng tula, Isa ka palang mahuday na makata.. lagyan mo ng nota gawin nateng kanta!! ;)

RJ Marmol said...

belated happy birthday to sam!

minglana.andrew said...

Thanks sa mga bumati!


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